Physician’s Billing Services

Use our resources to boost your profitability and free up your valuable staff to focus on managing patients.

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EMS & Ambulance Billing

Our training seminars ensure your team’s reports are properly documented for liability and insurance audits, then we handle the rest.

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Case Study: 300% increase in Collections

Efficient billing and increased rates of collection allowed this emergency team to purchase equipment they’d been previously unable to afford.

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Paperless by 2014: Are you ready?

Is Professional Billing Services right for you?

New government mandates are requiring paperless charts by 2014. This upcoming change has forced many medical offices to evaluate their current billing situation and decide if it’s able to adjust to these new regulations. For many, their current billing is handled on a part-time basis, or by a staffer that already has additional duties. New software, additional training, and broad changes to the healthcare landscape can make these new regulations difficult to manage by busy staff.

If you are considering your options to manage billing, you owe it to your business to consider Professional Billing Services. We make compliance with new regulations hassle-free for you, and in most cases get you paid faster and more accurately. Learn more about benefits of PBS…

  • Are you concerned about meeting new government mandates of Electronic Health Records?
  • Do you spend too much valuable time managing billing issues?
  • Is your billing handled on a part-time basis, or by someone also juggling other duties?
  • Do you frequently have to re-submit claims to satisfy insurance?
  • Could your business benefit from faster and better rates of reimbursement?
  • Is it a struggle to keep billing staff updated on training and regulations?
  • Have billing headaches made you consider selling your practice to a hospital?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions and you operate in the medical industry (private practice, medical clinic or ambulance service) Professional Billing Services may be just the solution you need. Imagine if your billing could be managed efficiently and quickly, freeing you and your staff to focus on patients. That’s exactly why we’re here.