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Professional Billing Services has been serving the medical community in northern Illinois, central Illinois and the Quad City area with premier-level billing services for nearly 30 years. Founder Susan Moen began her career as a surgical nurse, later working for a large medical billing service in the San Francisco area. She recognized there was a need for independent doctors and medical clinics to have a reliable billing service option, so in 1985, Moen moved to Illinois and opened Professional Billing Services in a small space above a chiropractic clinic. Since then, PBS continues to grow and service Group Practices, Chiropractors and Medical Practitioners. Professional Billing Services added ambulance billing to their offerings in 1992, and is now the leading ambulance billing provider in central Illinois. PBS employees average over 14 years of experience in medical billing, certified in key areas of insurance and healthcare requirements.

Are you concerned about meeting the government mandates for Electronic Health Records? Professional Billing Services is already compliant with the 2014 regulations, meaning all our clients can be in compliance without any additional work on their part!

Because we focus on knowing the most up-to-date insurance regulations and healthcare billing requirements, it’s no longer necessary for your staff to worry about whether they know the latest rules and codes. And regardless of your practice’s size, we can create a custom package to fit your needs.

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Medical Billing Specialists Provide Peace of Mind AND Freedom

Working with Professional Billing Services provides independent doctors and healthcare clinics peace of mind… and it also means those medical professionals now have more time to spend with their patients, doing what they do best. PBS manages the intricate requirements put forth by insurance companies, Medicaid and Medicare agencies because that’s what we do best. Professional Billing Services is a clear choice for clients who want to increase their cash flow by improved collection procedures (many medical practices only collect 50% of what they put on the books).

For some medical professionals, changes in billing regulations and demands of the insurance industry have led them to think about selling their practice to a hospital. Rather than lose the freedom of managing your own practice, consider that Professional Billing Services can relieve the burden of billing stress without giving up your autonomy.

Whatever the reason, if you’re currently researching medical billing options, consider what improved cash flow, immediate Electronic Healthcare Record compliance, and more time for your patients could do for your clinic. That’s what Professional Billing Services has been providing our clients for nearly 30 years.


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