Physician’s Billing Services

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Billing Services for Physicians, Chiropractors and Medical Practices

Professional Billing Services is certified to electronically submit your claims to over 400 commercial carriers, plus government programs such as Medicare and Public Aid. We already operate under the upcoming 2014 Electronic Health Records mandate, ensuring our clients are compliant with no additional effort on their part. In addition to electronic filing, our service also includes:

  • Filing paper claims when necessary
  • Prepare and mail monthly statements to all patients
  • Follow-up on all unpaid claims and statements
  • Handle all patient inquiries
  • Provide monthly analysis reports
  • Medicare Revalidation Support

“Professional Billing Services is very knowledgeable and takes care of all my billing frustrations, allowing me to concentrate on my patients” —Dr. Temple, Moline, IL

Your business income is too important to handle only part-time


PBS can INCREASE your revenue:

  • by timely filing electronic claims
  • by filing claims correctly the first time
  • by improved collection rates from personal payments and secondary Insurance
  • by making educated decisions based on productivity reports
  • by consulting with you about benefits or drawbacks of certain insurance contracts
PBS can DECREASE your expenses:

  • by not needing vacation/sick pay/insurance liability or payroll expense with our off-site team
  • by avoiding lost days and cost for training
  • by not requiring dedicated billing hardware and software

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