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The government has mandated that all medical offices have paperless charts by 2014. This new requirement has caused much concern for emergency and medical practitioners: how to be fully electronic and compliant when office staff already struggle to stay on top of billing? PBS has your solution.


Experts in Medical Receivables and A/R Managementsecure advantages

Simply put, Professional Billing Services are experts in the field of Medical Receivables and A/R Management. Billing is an immense task requiring knowledge of detailed regulations and insurance companies’ varying requirements. We take that burden off your shoulders and actually increase collection rates from personal payments and secondary insurance.

The advantage of working with PBS is that billing for medical clients is all we do. This allows us to focus our training and knowledge on this single industry and know it inside and out. We see potential issues and conflicting codes before they are sent to insurance; we know the best way to post certain procedures so they will process accurately; and we answer any questions, whether from insurance, your staff, or your patients. We don’t try to be everything to everyone — but if you’re in a medical profession, we may be exactly what you need.

Prior to hiring Professional Billing Services we were doing our billing in house and decided to give them a trial period with the intent of bringing the billing back in house. This was 13 years ago and we are pleased as ever with their services and our decision to stay with them. They provide us with high collection rates and peace of mind due to their great knowledge in the field.” —Dr. Petersen, Moline, IL

Our clients consistently report several key benefits after using Professional Billing Services:

1. Better Use of Staff Time

Free up your staff to focus on managing patients and other important office tasks. Your income is too important to handle as part time work! Billing is 100% of what we do. One of our highly experienced staff will be fully dedicated to your account. You will always have a point person to contact with questions, and this person will know your office’s accounts inside and out.

2. A Boost in Profitability

We provide total transparency, including monthly reports that show your financial health and allow for tracking payment times and projecting monthly incomes. In addition, most practices collect only 50% of the money owed to them — losing crucial revenue every month. We ensure that you receive the money owed to you from all sources: personal payments, primary and secondary insurance, and Medicare.

3. Faster Payments

Professional Billing Services reviews every claim before it’s billed to ensure proper and timely reimbursements. We keep updated on the newest billing codes and policies, so we bill right the first time. This greatly reduces denied claims, and payments simply get to you faster.

Case Study: Care Ambulance

Care Ambulance in Iowa City was able to purchase much-needed equipment with a surprise windfall of money — funds they were owed but had been unable to collect until PBS joined their team.

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