Case Study: 300% increase in Collections

Efficient billing and increased rates of collection allowed this emergency team to purchase equipment they’d been previously unable to afford.


Care Ambulance discovers untapped revenue with PBS

Ambulance billingThe surprise windfall of money was actually funds they were owed but had been unable to collect. Professional Billing Services joined their team, and immediately began looking into past billing issues and accounts held up with insurance companies. Within a few months, PBS had resolved most of the issues and had managed to start bringing in revenues that had been previously denied or reduced — over 70% of their billing was not being collected!

Care Ambulance’s Accounts Receivables went from nearly 180 days to an average of 90, and we increased their rate of reimbursement 316%. Equally important was the time this freed up for the staff. They had been juggling multiple responsibilities, and billing often sat for a week or more until someone could manage it. This daunting task was a constant source of concern: staff knew they weren’t always up on the latest code requirements but there was no time for additional training.

The improved cash flow Professional Billing Services was able to attain for this ambulance service meant they were now able to purchase new technology and equipment — items that had been repeatedly cut from their stretched budget. And their focus could now be where it belonged: on their patients.

Ready to Get Control of Your A/R Management?

If you are ready to improve revenues and free up your valuable time, give us a call. We’ll answer any questions you may have and work with you to figure out which agreement is best for you. Most importantly, we can start filing claims on paper from day one. In the meantime, we will be setting up your account to bill electronically — this minimizes any slowdown of cash flow on your end. Our clients find this staged approach to be extremely simple and hassle-free, and best of all it immediately removes billing from your to-do pile!

  • PBS accommodates your needs: no need for your staff to learn new programs — we can work with whatever billing software you currently use.
  • Never worry about compliance again: we are fully certified and follow HIPPA and OIG regulations.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Transparency in all we do: we provide monthly reports summarizing your business productivity.

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